Finding Joy on a Fall Weekend

September 14, 2020

Finding Joy on a Fall Weekend

Fall is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil times of the year; exuding its own perfect cozy aroma as the leaves cover the world in a golden cascade of light. Fall brings a new type of serene happiness in to the end of the year before the world begins to become covered in a white blanket of silent snow. Before the frozen air of winter forces everyone inside for the foreseeable future, we all take advantage of our last chances of being outside by participating in all the events of fall that make the season, including fall treats, cozy movie nights, pumpkin crafts, and tailgates!

Nothing can beat drinking hot apple cider while snuggled up in the corner of your couch watching classic Halloween movies as the smell of apple pie wafts from your kitchen. As the fall season rolls around, so the does the opportunity of being able to watch classic Halloween movies such as Hocus Pocus or even turning a Saturday in to a movie marathon by turning on Harry Potter. Spending a weekend filling your home with the delectable scents of pumpkin or apple pie, and then putting on a classic feel-good movie, can turn any fall weekend into a day full of tranquility.

While spending a Saturday in can fill your home with the essence of fall, so can spending a Saturday at a local farm. While wrapped in warm coats and plaid scarfs, you can easily waste an afternoon away walking through a farm with your family picking both pumpkins and apples. Once you have filled the trunk of your car to the brim with pumpkins, the rest of the day can be spent with family to take part in a friendly, or not so friendly, pumpkin carving contest. The remaining of your picked pumpkins can be used to beautifully decorate your front porch and bring the colors of fall to the outside of your home. Spending a weekend afternoon at a local farm can easily get you in to the fall mood and provide and easy, yet fun, afternoon adventure for the whole family.

If you want a fall Saturday with a little more excitement, one of the best parts of the season is tailgates! Spread out the fall treats and get ready for a day of screaming as your Saturday is about to put you out for the count for the rest of the weekend. Whether you actually go to see a game and spend the afternoon roasting hot dogs with friends bundled up in your warmest team gear in a parking lot, or decide to take the game inside and create a four-course spread of food, the weekend can be filled with excitement and joy as all your family and friends come huddling in to cheer on your favorite team.

The fall season is about spreading a sense of happiness all throughout your life. It is the time of year were everyone is filled with joy and has an eagerness to keep their weekends busy before the first snow falls and spending time outside becomes too treacherous. Whether you decide to spend the weekend inside watching all your favorite movies and creating delicious fall treats, or spending the weekend crowded around friends screaming together as you drop finger foods, fall is all about manifesting a joy for life and appreciating every moment. Take a little time for yourself this weekend and begin planning out all the exciting activities you can take part in during the season to bring just the slightest bit more of joy into your life.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer