Five Fall Décor Trends for Fall

August 24, 2020

Five Fall Décor Trends for Fall


As the air outside begins to chill, we often turn to our homes to find comfort during the changing season of fall. As the season begins to creep in, the world becomes full of warmth with deep arrays of colors, hearty scents, and the welcomed feeling of wanting to grab a warm blanket and cozy up next to crackling wood burning fire. As we begin to see nature change, it’s also a reminder that its time bring those changes in to your home as well with a few fall inspired decorations.

As the blustery fall winds drag in, one thing that holds the essence of fall better than anything else, is a pumpkin! Pumpkins bring the feeling of somber family adventures to the pumpkin patch directly in to your cozy fall nights. If you want an easy way to bring the picturesque feeling of fall into your home, fill every empty corner with a stack of pumpkins. Whether they are real or an array of patterns, empty corners can immediately become filled with warmth with a patch of pumpkins. Adding a few on fireplace mantels, coffee tables, corners of kitchen countertops, or cascading an array of tiny pumpkins on dining room tables or inside vases, there are so many ways you can bring the auburn tones of fall into your home.

While you may be able to cover your counters with pumpkins, your walls and cabinets may be looking a little bare. This can easily be remedied with a handful of wreaths! Although wreaths are commonly thought of as more of a winter centerpiece, covering a wreath with pinecones, miniature pumpkin decorations, and beautiful beige or vibrant red ribbon, a winter wreath can become a staple piece for a front door decoration or kitchen cabinets!

Many fall evenings are spent indoors either baking delicious fall treats or snuggling up to drink warm apple cider and marathon your favorite movie or shows. Therefore, without question, every living room needs a little bit of the essence of fall dripped throughout; what better way to do this than with the fall clothing essential: a plaid flannel! Whether you add a few plaid throw pillows on to your couch, or drape a plaid blanket over the back, the simple and effortless attempt can bring the somber feelings of fall instantly into your living room.

Undoubtedly, the ambiance of fall comes from the change in the air and the withering trees. So, if you’re looking for a way to spice up your home décor for fall, you have supplies all around you. By simply taking a walk outside, you can find beautifully bleached branches, pinecones, acorns, or magnificent fall-bloomed mums to add together into a beautiful arrangement. The essence of fall comes from the nature that surrounds us; by physically bringing some of that nature into your home, you can immediately, and cheaply, add hints of fall to capture the season.

Besides the obvious changing of leaves, the fall treats that delight your taste buds also characterize fall with their distinct aromas. One easy and simple way to create a beautiful fall piece, is to create a candle centerpiece with any of your favorite fall scents. Surround it with pumpkins on pedestals or cover it in foliage. A candle can add the delicious scent of fall while casting the perfect glow of warmth onto your evenings. TLC’s fall scented cement vessels and dough bowl candles are perfect for the job; effortlessly mixing both the welcomed feeling of rough nature, with the serene scent of fall to create the ideal fall centerpiece.

Fall can undoubtedly be hectic with school beginning and holidays coming in fast. We all need the ability to soak in the tranquil warmth of the season while simply being at home and relaxing. As mentioned, one simple way to do this is by filling your home with all the best scents and sights of the season. By attempting to bring the essence of fall alive with trendy fall décor, you can embody the beautiful feeling of the season in every nook and cranny of your home.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer