Vintage Wedding Flower Arrangements

May 06, 2019

Vintage Wedding Flower Arrangements

If there’s anything more beautiful, charming, and romantic than a vintage wedding, I’m not sure I could handle it! When planning a wedding, it’s the small, personalized details that really stand out. Pair that with affordable and eco-friendly, and you have yourself a winning combination.

Step 1: Figure out your flower placement. These flower arrangements could be used as a centerpiece on each of the guest tables, at the wedding party table, dessert bar, or as an accent anywhere throughout your venue. Figuring out how you want to place them will allow you to get a final count of how many candle tins you’ll need to pull off your desired look. If you don’t have enough empty candle tins, you can always buy more (hey, we won’t stop you!) or, use a variety of items including coffee cans, soup cans, or tea cans to complete your vision.

Step 2: Find a filler. Real flowers, faux flowers (there are some decent options available nowadays), candles, and succulents all make great fillers. Depending on your choice, you may need soil or foam from the craft store.

Step 3: Add personalization. Our candle tins are beautiful as-is, but you can give your flower arrangements something extra special if you desire. A few ideas include:

  • Decorative ribbon. Add a punch of color or use something vintage-looking like jute, lace or burlap.
  • Scrapbook paper. Include a design for some added interest, or add a quote that means something special.
  • Wrap the tin in any design or color scheme of your choosing.
  • You could include a photo of the happy couple, or use a photo that holds a special memory of a loved one who is unable to attend.
  • The sky is the limit here – use any color, create a pattern, or even consider chalkboard paint so that you can include a special message or table number.
  • Add a label. This could be a small flag, a tag, sticker, doily – lots of options for adding a little message.
  • Punch holes. Punching holes in the tin can be done either randomly or in a pattern to spell out a letter or table number. Pair with a tealight candle for a really romantic look.

Planning a wedding? What are your plans for some of those small, special details?