TLC Double Wick Candles - TLC Candle Co.

Expertly poured into our beautifully simple, yet elegant glass containers, and placed inside our classically graceful tin canasters, TLC is dedicated to curating the best candles with every basement pouring session. TLC wants to be a part of your everyday routine. We want to create an array of the best candle scents that will leave you eager for a burning candle and a glass of wine in the evening. TLC wants to help you find your moments of “me time” - those moments of calmness and serenity amongst everyday chaos. With our commitment to pouring organic soy candles, you can experience all of the soy candle benefits along with the benefits of aromatherapy candles. Grab a match and strike it alight against one of TLC’s hand poured organic soy candles, made to manifest moments of “me time,” for an evening meant simply for you.


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