Spring & Summer | Luxury Soy Candles | TLC Candle Co.

Recreate sweaty ice-cold glasses of lemonade and naked toes in deeply verdant green grass by bringing the air of life into your home with TLC’s array of refreshing summer candle scents. Whether you want to smell the tantalizing essence of humid summer afternoons at the beach, or set your home abloom with sweet nectary scents of newly bloomed flowers with spring candle scents, TLC’s soy candles will ignite your home into a scorching ray of summer with every candle lighting. Not to mention, TLC’s elegantly curated luxury scented candles of hearty tomatoes and richly sweet tropical fruits, will make sure to keep your busy seasons of summer and spring relaxing with its aromatherapy stress relief benefits. Keep the air in your home freshly lit with TLC’s hand-poured collection of summer and spring scents.

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