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Christopher Covell
Full bodied decadence

Full bodied decadence. Rich and luxurious scent that envelops you. Makes me want to grab a Malbec, a glass and start a nice bubble bath. Pure relaxation vibes :)

A Glass of Red - Bergamot Soy Candle

TLC Candle Co.

$21.00 USD $42.00 USD

Notes: Blackberry, Plum, Pear, Bergamot & Musk

There's never a bad time for a glass of red….

Sweet and sensual, A Glass of Red is definitely not your mother's Merlot. This Glass of Red Bergamot Candle is a complex blend of tart blackberries, juicy plums, ripe pears and the grounding scents of bergamot and musk. Fruity, earthy and rich, you'll reach for A Glass of Red again and again.

This Glass of Red bergamot candle combines the unmistakable fragrance of blackberries with the classic scents of sweet pear and sensuous plum. Elegant bergamot and clean, powdery musk balance out the fruity scents to create a rich bouquet that is subtly intoxicating. Imagine a deep sip of a rich Shiraz, translate that to an olfactory experience and you'll have a good idea of how A Glass of Red will make you feel….without the hangover.

So, raise A Glass of Red and indulge.

Finding an occasion to pour yourself a glass of red wine is easy. We all do something to unwind at the end of a long day. It is even said that one glass of red wine could be equivalent to one hour of exercise (yes, please!). While A Glass of Red bergamot candle may not provide cardiovascular benefits, it can get your heart rate up as you breathe in the full-bodied scent and realize with excitement that you're home and your time is your own. 

Cheers to you and a little me time!

A Glass of Red bergamot candle is the perfect indulgence for any woman who is overworked, overtired and over stressed. If you're "over it", reach for the red. A Glass of Red bergamot candle makes the perfect gift for all the wine lovers in your life. Give it as a retirement gift, an anniversary, birthday or holiday present. Hand it to your colleagues after the close of a long project. Even new moms will appreciate having a baby-friendly Glass of Red bergamot candle close at hand.

Please note: All 11 oz. masculine soy candles come packaged within a black vessel displaying our logo and black decorated reusable tin.


Size: 11oz 
Burn time: 
Ingredients: Pure soy wax and essential oil based fragrance with lead free wicks 

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