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Rosemary for Mental Fatigue
Rosemary for Mental Fatigue

Life can demand a lot from us sometimes; tasks begin to pile up, people’s expectations begin to matter, and we may slowly start to feel as though we have unknowingly embarked upon a trek up a mountain, and the peak is nowhere to be seen. Luckily, TLC has a perfect candle for times like these!
What Does Phthalate-Free Mean?

With every light of a beautifully handcrafted TLC candle, your health is a top priority. Every moment of TLC “me time” should not be tainted with health risks that come along with the array of harmful substances and chemicals that are put into many of the candles on the market today.
Vanilla For Uplifting Your Mood
Vanilla For Uplifting Your Mood

TLC hopes that the next time you’re searching for a way to create a little pocket of serenity amongst your hectic day, you think of buying yourself your own Vintage Flannel candle to create your own moments of “me time”.
Top Masculine Scents for Candles

TLC wants to have an array of scents that cater towards every mood and feeling within your home that not only you, but everyone, can enjoy and simmer down to. TLC hopes that with some of the candles mentioned today, you can curate a space within your home that is not only serene for you, but for the man within your life as well.

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