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TLC Masculine Candle
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

TLC and I hope that this article will inspire a men’s Valentine’s gift idea during a moment of “me time” and will hopefully make buying Valentine’s gifts for him a little less stressful this year.

Rose Scented Candles
The Best Rose Scented Candle

There is a timeless beauty that never seizes to take one’s breath away when presented with a single classically charming rose flower. With its strong, deeply ember green stem that holds its juxtaposing delicate and silky-smooth blood red petals which quietly curve upon one another, the meaning of a rose is both beauty and ferocity with its vicious thorns that dare to be touched and elegant petals that lust for your attention.
Five New Year’s Intentions for 2021
Five New Year’s Intentions for 2021

At TLC this year, we want to curate the best versions of ourselves and surround ourselves with an environment that will help us achieve our goals. In this TLC Talk, we are going to share with you five of the intentions we are taking with us into the new year, and how you could implement them into your own life as well. 
Storing Candles
Five Tips on Storing your Luxury Candles

Whether you are moving, changing out your candles for the season, or simply have gathered a possibly unnecessary collection and now need to be conscientious about how you store your candles, there are certain tips you can follow to ensure you are getting the longest life out of your candle.

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