Citrus Soy Candle Collection | TLC Candle Co.

Citrus Soy Candles

Bring the sweet and refreshing scents of citrus soy candles to your home to treat yourself to a little “me time”. Enjoy tart candles, ranging from orange to grapefruit, that imbue a room with a feeling of sunlight and summer. Such scents and the feelings they provide can liven up and add energy to even the dullest room.

Why Choose Soy?

Our fruit-scented candles are all made from soy rather than traditional wax to bring you a cleaner-burning and higher-quality product. Though the cost of citrus soy candles may seem more expensive upfront, they’ll actually be cheaper in the long run because of how long they last in comparison to traditional wax candles. Furthermore, soy candles produce as much as 90 percent less soot, which means the air of your room remains clean and fresh for you to enjoy.

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