Floral Soy Candle Collection | TLC Candle Co.

Floral Soy Candles

Celebrate the spring season by bringing the scent of blossoming flowers into your home! Floral-scented candles introduce various naturalistic fragrances into your home that are refreshing and rejuvenating. Floral soy candles, however, take it even a step further in providing you with the most refreshing atmosphere that is as clean as it smells. Floral soy candles burn longer and cleaner, producing far less soot than traditional wax scented candles, which are made from the paraffin byproducts of petroleum refinement.

Browse our selection of floral candles to find the scent that speaks most to you. Your favorite flower fragrances can help uplift your spirits after dreary winter weather or simply improve a hot summer afternoon. Wherever and whenever you use it, you can never go wrong with flower-scented candles.

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