Home Decor Collection

TLC’s commitment to candles does not simply stop at curating a candle that will inspire moments of “me time,” but also believes that with every light of a candle, the aesthetic beauty of your home should be highlighted; thus, TLC put all of your favorite scents into three different beautiful vessels. Large decorative candles are the best candles for home as they can quickly and beautifully elevate the atmosphere within a room, turning your dark sitting nook into a refined and elegant sitting area. Along with this, options such as our dough bowl candles can become perfect personalized gifts for her with the option of filling every vessel with any one of our scented soy candle smells. TLC knows that the best smelling candles and the best candles for your home should not be two different categories - the fancy candles should be home candles as well. By creating candles that are both simultaneously sophisticated options for home décor, and perfect for quiet evenings, TLC hopes to make the best candles for home that will inspire your moments of “me time.”


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