9 Calming Candle Scents To Help You Relax

9 Calming Candle Scents To Help You Relax

August 05, 2022

9 Calming Candle Scents To Help You Relax

Setting aside time in your busy day to create a safe and welcoming space to relax is an important part of a self-care ritual. While there are many ways to relax, like starting a skin-care routine, cleaning, getting a massage, and enjoying a good meal, and something as simple as lighting a delicious-smelling candle goes a long way.

Candles have amazing therapeutic properties that allow you to recline and unwind. There are various scents to choose from, all of which have their own unique effect on your body and mind. If you struggle with decompressing, consider these nine calming candle scents to help you relax and get your well-needed me-time.

When it comes to your self-care, you should invest in the best-quality fresh and delightful candles. Candles are always a great addition to the routine, and scents like fresh rosy florals, clean linens, citrus, and herbs are perfect for winding down.

White Tea

A white tea candle has fragrant floral notes, like bergamot and chrysanthemum, that make you feel like you’ve transported yourself to a tranquil garden. This uplifting scent is popular for its deeply aromatic properties, with delicate herbal notes wrapped in a flowery aroma. If you desire a soothing atmosphere, this is the scent for you.


Pillow Talk is a romantic and delicate peony scent that has enriching notes of jasmine and suede. This subtle but deeply aromatic fragrance smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers. If you want spring notes permeating throughout your home like silk, consider this scent. This is the perfect candle to light while doing a face mask or cooking your favorite dinner.


Roses are a classic fragrant scent that has a subtle hint of citrus and fresh florals. The sweet richness of the rose candle can produce a calming effect on the senses. Its gentle scent can help melt the stress from your day or add a relaxing element to an intimate setting. Enjoy this scent over a romantic dinner, or let it fill the room as you kick your feet up after a long day.

If you enjoy a traditional candle that will fill your home with a delicate and romantic aroma, try this scent.

Earl Grey

The London Fog candle is a unique and fresh blend of black tea, cedar, honey, and musk. This intoxicating and powerful scent is reminiscent of a subtle and sweet cologne with herbal notes. If you want a warm scent that feels like a hug, the earl grey candle is a perfect addition to your home.

The early grey candle is a great scent if you are spending time relaxing with a significant other who enjoys a more masculine scent. You will both be able to fully immerse in self-care with this candle burning in the background.

Rosemary and Mint

Rosemary and mint candles are refreshing scents that smell like a delicate herbal melody. This combination offers a clean scent that may enhance mental clarity and energy. Mint is popular for its ability to improve mental awareness and clarity. Rosemary can reduce stress and relieve fatigue. Therefore, this eclectic and calming combination serves as excellent aromatherapy. If you want to enjoy a peaceful afternoon sipping tea and studying or reading, try this candle.

Fresh Linen

Belgian linen is a perfect scent if you want the intoxicating aroma of fresh laundry and subtle florals floating through your home. This bright and crisp scent makes the home feel cozy, warm, and refreshing. This is a great candle to light when you’re ready to sink into your bed and repel the stress from your day with a nap.

A fresh linen candle is a great option if you love simple, clean scents. It’s a perfect candle to use on a cleaning or laundry day when the home is in its optimal condition.


The Meditation candle is a unique and captivating scent that has hints of warm sweetness from its amber notes and enriching citrus notes from fresh lime. If you want a spa-like ambience, this is a great candle to burn. Treat yourself to a warm bubble bath and a glass of wine or sparkling cider to indulge in a self-care moment when you burn this candle.

Lemon Bergamot

Another calming candle scent to help you relax is lemon bergamot. If you’re a citrus lover, our Verdant candle is a delightful and refreshing addition to your home collection. This fresh, zesty scent has lovely notes of green tea and bright citrus that will encourage you to take a moment to meditate, rest, or close your eyes and bask in the intoxicating scent.

Orange Citrus

Citrus Tree is a bright orange citrus \scent that will make your home smell like a fresh orchard. The warm and inviting aroma of orange citrus will invigorate your senses and transport you to a tropical and relaxing place in your mind. To complement and fully indulge in your senses, you can even make a refreshing orange juice or cut some fresh slices as you relax.

A great way to enjoy these amazing scents and ensure that you’ll have a long-lasting aroma floating through your home is by purchasing 5-wick candle bowls. Having a large bowl in these captivating and relaxing scents will ensure that you can blissfully enjoy having a little me time for an extended period.

You’ll soon benefit from relieving your stress and investing in your mental clarity and wellness. Plus, you’ll have an overall pleasant-smelling home. A good-smelling home is inviting, warm, and promotes a relaxed and homey ambience. You can always experiment with different scented candles until you discover the scent that you love and can’t live without. You can find the perfect long-lasting candle to help you relax in your home by exploring our large dough bowl candles.

A little me time is essential. Eliminating stressors or learning how to manage them in a more productive way is an important step in achieving the relaxation and peace you desire. Candles act as therapy for the senses, and it’s essential that you know what amazing, scented candle options are available for your pleasure.

9 Calming Candle Scents To Help You Relax

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