Fall Harvest Tea for Two

September 30, 2020

Fall Harvest Tea for Two

Fall comes subtly, easing in until the entire world is covered with the flames of foliage. Adorning all of the trees with magnificent hues of warmth that force your eyes to travel along the tops of trees and follow the tumbling leaves cascading along the sides of the street. The blustery air hums with the essence of preparation; similar to how mother nature is busy with her descent into winter, all of our lives can begin to get caught up in the fast moving winds of the fall season. With the fall bringing forth many changes for the year, including school, holidays, new events, and get-togethers, we all forget to take a little time and bask in the beauty of the moments that surround us. With so much going on it often becomes hard to find time to settle down and find moments where you can truly create moments of comfort for yourself. No matter, being able to create little frozen moments of “me time” is essential to making it through the busy season.

This time of year is unusual, with its persistent encouragement of languorous quiet days and bustling feelings of the knowledge that the year is coming to an end. Nevertheless, taking advantage of the quiet moments and selflessly indulging in all of the scrumptious sweets of the season, are undoubtedly an important aspect of fall. Take some time out of your day to invite a girlfriend out for drinks at your local coffee shop for pointless and nonsensical conversation. Order your infamous pumpkin spice latte or favorite tea and surround yourself with the enveloping warmth of the coffee aroma as you talk about all of the exciting, or monotonous, aspects of your life. However, if sitting in a boisterous coffee shop surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the season doesn’t sound up your alley, there is always a quiet place within your home; get in some comfy clothes – making sure not to forget your seasonal fuzzy socks – grab a blanket, and spend an afternoon enjoying the atmosphere of fall over a warm mug filled to the brim with your favorite harvest tea. Stoke your fire and light one of your newest fall candle scents as you spend a moment with only yourself, and the beautifully colorful elder trees around you. Being able to create moments within this fast moving time of year wholly for yourself, are essential to curating peace within your life.

As the year comes to an end, it is easy to become engrossed within the work mindset and forget to take time simply for your own well-being; while anxiety within your job or worries about holidays may be ramping up within the city, it is imperative to acknowledge the other side of the season. The quiet and mellow aspects of nature that are all but begging for you to escape into a moment of perfect silence and peace. Undoubtedly, it is important to take a moment to intentionally slow down your day and appreciate the moments of the changing season. Before winter completely sets in, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the fall overtones and create a little pocket of “me time” within your day that includes all of the perfect elements: a delicious fall candle, a heart-warming drink, a fluffy throw blanket, and a favorite book.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer