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Five Candle Scent Trends for Fall

November 02, 2020

scents of fall

Everyone knows fall is around the corner when candle shelves are stocked full of hearty and delectably sweet scents. As the leaves begin to turn into vibrant hues of red, the air begins to nip the skin and an array of holiday treats can be smelled in the air. As the seasons change and Fall begins to settle in to place, there is no doubt that a certain tranquil aura begins to arise; pumpkin patches, corn mazes, frozen fingers hidden in mittens, the fall air of aging trees, all aspects of fall that bundle us up and create warmth within those chilly times. One way to bring the ambience of fall into your home and get you in the mood for all the busy months ahead, is to light a candle that perfectly embodies fall and fill your home with the enchanting atmosphere of those lazy nights.

As we welcome fall into our lives, we are met with brisk morning air and dew on the grass. Forcing us to grab a jacket and gloves before we leave the house. However, this change in weather brings a change in the air that can be smelled every morning and night. This crisp scent of earthy tones being produced by the freshly changing trees. Tones of rain, musk, and hearty cedar can be smelled in the air. Giving off a sense of calm that describes the fall season. This smell can be perfectly matched in candles with earthy musk tones and calming vanilla extracts.

Fall is the beginning of a new chapter in the year. The trees begin turning and the world morphs from the energetic green land of summer, to the comfy tranquil environment of fall. The period of the year where everyone is spending as much time doing outdoor fall activities before the winter snow forces them inside. Meaning, that many of us will be spending fall nights wrapped up in blankets next to the heady fragrance of a crackling fire. Nothing says fall more than the cozy scent of burning wood on a fall evening.

Besides the changing of the trees, we all know that when fall comes, so does the fall drinks. Pumpkin spice, whether you are drinking it in the form a latte or not, is a staple in everyone’s fall array of scents. Perfectly mixing the sweet taste of a pumpkin pie with the deliciously intense flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg infused together. Reminiscing about the times when a warm fall drink was your savior from the brisk air outside.

Similar to pumpkin spice, hot apple cider is a fall delicacy. The scent of apple cider can bring back memories of fall hayrides or evenings with friends. The perfect mixture of tart and sweet that coats your body in a warm sense of comfort.

Besides the tart and delicately sweet scents of apple and pumpkin, fruity citrus scents mixed with allspice brings the same fall atmosphere into your home. I can remember every fall my mother bringing home handfuls of oranges and placing cloves in them to then set up in every corner of the house. The scent of Pomander balls mixes the summery citrus with the dense flavor of fall spices to create a beautiful aroma for your home.

Fall is full of evocative scents that bring back the memories of slow and peaceful afternoons before winter sets in. TLC tries to embody this feeling of fall by mixing many of these trendy smells into unique scents that can be found on our website under our Fall and Winter scents. By simply lighting a candle, you can bring the smell of mouthwatering fall treats,

or brisk fall evenings outside, right into your home; bringing the infectious, perfectly lazy feeling, of fall in to your me-time at home.

- Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer

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