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Five Reasons to Choose Luxury Soy Candles Over Paraffin Candles

November 02, 2020

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The TLC Candle Company understands how important a little me time can be; this is why TLC is committed to creating hand-made luxury soy candles over the widely produced counterpart: paraffin candles. There are numerous reasons to pick soy over paraffin, whether it be regarding health, ethically sourced materials, or product performance. When trying to take time to decompress and relax, TLC wants to help create a calming atmosphere that can only be produced through thoughtfully hand-crafted soy candles. However, if you need convincing, here are five reasons you should choose luxury soy candles over paraffin.

Paraffin is a petroleum by-product of gasoline production, leaving the wax liable to hold toxic carcinogenic materials and chemicals that can easily aggravate those with predisposed respiratory problems. The American Chemical Society conducted a study to highlight the toxic components of different candle wax ingredients. Studies concluded that paraffin candles emit many chemicals including benzene and toluene, while soy candles do not. As a result of soy candles being produced by natural soybean oil, TLC candle company’s hand-crafted candles are non-toxic and safe for in-home use.

As a result of our candles being made from natural ingredients, our candles burn much cleaner. With paraffin candles being comprised mainly of toxic chemicals, they produce black soot that can cover the inside of the candle containers, as well as damaging linens and staining walls. So next time when you light a candle to take care of yourself, cater towards your home as well and pick non-toxic soy candles.

With TLC’s home-grown origins, quality has always been a top priority. Which is why we want to make your candle burning experience worth your business. While paraffin produced candles are made by large production companies that are mostly worried about quantity, TLC made sure to choose a wax that will make your me time last. As a result of soy being a natural product, it burns much cooler than the harsh chemicals found within paraffin wax; making you never have to worry about this being your last burn because soy produced candles burn significantly longer than its counterparts, which makes soy candles worth your money.

Soy produced candles also keep the values of their customers in mind by being vegan friendly. While paraffin candles are created using harmful toxins that negatively affect the environment, TLC keeps it quality-focused with minimal and naturally produced ingredients that keep not only your health, but the environment in mind as well, with biodegradable and eco-friendly products.

By buying TLC’s naturally sourced ingredient soy candles, you are helping to support local and naturally focused farmers within America. Instead of buying from major market businesses, consider buying from small candle companies that produce naturally sourced candles; not only will you be supporting farmers within America, but you will also help small companies during these unprecedented times.

TLC attempts to make conscious decisions about what products go into their hand-crafted luxury candles. Which is why TLC chooses Soy candles over paraffin candles. Keeping the well-

being of their customers in mind, TLC attempts to make your house feel more like home by helping you create quality me-times that could not be produced through paraffin candles.

- Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer

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