How Scented Candles Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Mood

How Scented Candles Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Mood

April 08, 2022

How Scented Candles Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Mood

Scented candles play a significant role in how your mood and mental state shift. In fact, candles can affect you physiologically and impact you on a biological level. This is because scents stimulate the limbic system in your brain, which, as a result, stimulates the release of “happy hormones.” These hormones are serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals directly influence your mood from the inside out.

The best part about scented candles is that they are often inexpensive and highly accessible. There are plenty of options, like luxury hand-poured candles, available on the market for you to try. Select your favorite scents or try scents like rosemary and mint that can produce calming effects.

It’s remarkable how much cleaning up your space, pouring your favorite drink, taking a little me time, and lighting a candle can uplift your mental. Continue reading to explore how scented candles can have a positive effect on your mood.

Stress Management

Learning how to manage your stress is an important part of life. This is especially true if you have a demanding job or a load of responsibilities. Stress can come due to unexpected life events or unwanted trivialities.

If stress goes unmanaged for too long, it may start to affect your quality of life or physical health. Doing something small but significant for yourself, like lighting a scented candle, can go a long way, especially since it affects you on a biological level.

Create a routine where you light a scented candle and take a few moments to be alone, decompress, and reflect. This will help you diffuse some stress and prioritize managing your anxiety levels. There are certain scents that can help you target stress. These scents include but are not limited to:

  • Rosemary and mint
  • Linen
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine
  • Bergamot
  • Orange
  • Bamboo
  • Lemongrass
  • Amber

There are a considerable number of options to choose from when it comes to picking a scent. Combining scented candles and oils can increase stress-relieving properties and improve your mental focus. You can try different combinations to produce your desired effect. Scented candles linger even after they burn, and you’ll find your stress levels have decreased by the end of the day with the constant aromatic trigger lingering around.

Stress management shouldn’t be complicated, and you’ll discover that the more you simplify it, the faster and easier your relief will come.

Mood Regulation

Another one of the ways that candles can have a positive effect on your mood is through mood regulation. Mood regulation is important for managing day-to-day life, relationships, and mental health. There are many ways to regulate moods, like exercise, healthy eating, and therapy; however, a very simple way to regulate your mood is through acts of self-care.

Lighting a scented candle can provide you with the boost of energy and mental clarity you need to improve your mood. Because of the direct effects that scent has on your brain, you can self-regulate by lighting a pleasant-smelling candle.

You will discover that lighting a scented candle is an easy way to “cheat” your brain into producing these happy chemicals. The next time you feel like you’re in a bad mood or feel anxious, try lighting a candle. Focus on the intention of transitioning into a better mental space, and lean into the atmosphere that lighting a scented candle creates. You will find yourself feeling happier and mentally elevated.

Mental Health

Self-care is an important aspect of maintaining mental health. While self-care goes beyond face masks and lighting scented candles, the intention behind these actions is what makes a significant impact. Making time for yourself should always be important. That’s why creating an atmosphere that promotes peace is essential, and you should prioritize it.

Instead of focusing on your stressors, clear your mind and focus on the delightful citrus notes that fill your room from your scented candle. If you’re having a bad day and need a boost of energy and happiness, light your favorite scent or try a new one.

Establish a routine to help you wind down from a long day of work or another activity. You can do this weekly, monthly, or daily. Take care to put yourself first and slow down a little! A scented candle can pose as a reminder for you to do something for yourself and check in on your mental health.

Here’s a list of activities you can do as a part of your self-care routine:

  • Clean your space
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Make your favorite meal
  • Binge your favorite show
  • Light a scented candle
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Call a loved one
  • Take yourself on a date

There isn’t a shortage of things you can do to improve your mental health. Be intentional about your me-time, and find time to take care of yourself.

You Can Link Scents to Memories

Memories are powerful, and scents have a direct impact on them. This is because there’s a physical connection between the regions of the brain and the olfactory center. This is important because you can use this link to associate the smells in your home with positive memories, which, in turn, can impact your mood in a beneficial way.

Suppose you light a peach-scented candle while eating Thanksgiving dinner with your family every year. Now, every time you light a peach-scented candle in your home, you’ll subconsciously think back to those positive memories and emotions.

That gentle reminder can help improve your day and, as a result, put you in a better mood. So the next time you light a candle, think about how you can use the scent to create a bridge between positive memories and better mind space.

Scented candles have mesmerizing aromas that produce an uplifting effect. Along with the amazing mental benefits, the simple act can contribute to the way you regulate your mood, manage your stress, and improve your mental health. If you are interested in taking a little me time and improving your mood and physiological well-being by adding scented candles to your self-care routine, visit us today for a variety of luxury hand-poured candles.

How Scented Candles Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Mood

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