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The Best Rose Scented Candle

January 16, 2021

Rose Scented Candles

There is a timeless beauty that never seizes to take one’s breath away when presented with a single classically charming rose flower. With its strong, deeply ember green stem that holds its juxtaposing delicate and silky-smooth blood red petals which quietly curve upon one another, the meaning of a rose is both beauty and ferocity with its vicious thorns that dare to be touched and elegant petals that lust for your attention. Roses are said to represent a multitude of different feelings and character traits; most notably of those being love, innocence, purity, power, and honor. Roses portray the power within beauty. Whether it’s the singular declaration of pure and undeniable love given through newly cut roses and a string of unprepared words, or a rose caged within a glass dome inciting fear, or the somewhat cliché scatterings of rose petal and candles, there is a soundness of understanding that comes along with a rose and its sweet, yet unobtrusive, scent.

With all of this in mind, TLC could not miss the chance of adding to their collection of flower scented candles with a newly hand-crafted soy candle that highlights the elegance of this enticing flower (because honestly, what better pair is there beside candles and roses). Candles with flower undertones will never go out of season and will undeniably be loved by everyone that enters a home filled with their scent. Therefore, TLC is proud to welcome in a brand new scent into their wonderful collection: “Roses”. As a result of hours spent down in the TLC founder’s basement workshop, the perfect curation of scents was put together to bring you the intoxicating scent of deeply fresh cut roses. Filled with notes of faith rose, violet leaf, honey, and lemon, this new TLC edition is sure to bring beauty and tranquility into your life.

With every candle that TLC creates, you, the customer, is always in mind. TLC has attempted to develop candles that not only serve as beautiful statement pieces in your home, but candles that will encourage moments of quiet. The captivating scent of rose is not only wonderful to smell, but roses scented candles are wonderful for your mind as well. Rose scents, known for their aromatherapy benefits, will calm the body and help in decreasing anxiety and lessening depressive feelings. So, not only will TLC’s “Roses” fill your home with an elegant scent of roses, it will bring serenity and peace – perfect for those quiet moments of me time.

Since day one, TLC has been committed to only producing the best candles of its kind. This is why every candle is hand poured with the beauty of your home and mind as a top priority. There are many rose candles in shops today, but with the curation of “Roses”, TLC hopes of putting the best rose scented candle on the market today. Mixing both the beauty of a rose and candles, TLC is confident that elegance will be brought into your home with every light of this new candle. We hope that with this new fragrance added into your collection of candles, while smelling like a rose, you can make your perfect version of a TLC staple: a moment of “me time” with your new rose candle.


-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer

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