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Top Masculine Scents for Candles

February 05, 2021


Last week on TLC Talks, we formally introduced you to TLC’s line of manly scented candles embellished with TLC’s matte black ornamentations. This week, however, we are going to delve into other candle scents that aren’t specifically labeled as candles for men, but still dominate your senses with powerful and broody scents that would make perfect man cave candles.

Scents that embody the elegant and serenely magnificent beauty of nature are undoubtedly staple scents within candles. However, not all men want to bask in the scent of roses or delicate dandelions. Luckily, nature embodies not only the beauty of femininity with its whimsy scents of flowers, but also bolsters powerful masculine aromas through its forestry. Therefore, our first scent for manly candles is that of anything woodsy. Deep earthy scents of tall ominous trees that scale far above our heads, are perfect man candle scents. TLC’s Amber Noir, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, and amber, mixes the deeper riches of nature into evocative woody scented candles for men.

Another inherently nature themed scent that is a man candle’s aroma, is that of richly dark and crackling firewood. The burning of a fire is a deep tangy scent that tickles the nose and yet provides a musky scent that brings forth comfort. TLC’s By The Fire expertly replicates the heavy odorous smell of burning wood with notes of pine, fir, orange peel, cypress, and clove. Although not specifically a part of the masculine collection, the broody scent of fiery wood is definitely worth adding to your list of best man candles.

Musty scents of soil and deeply rich elder trees are definitely exquisite scents all on their own, but when the clouds start to darken and the wind begins to rumble, the already magnificently masculine scent of the forest becomes even more captivating as rain begins to fall. Rain elevates nature’s smells and makes them increasingly more intoxicating than they are at their natural state. The smell of rain reminiscences of calculated, slow, and languorous evenings and brooding elegance. London Fog, another one of TLC’s non masculine collection candles that is still perfect for any man, is filled with notes of earl grey, cedar, savanna, musk, cucumber, and bees wax to curate a scent that is both deeply rich, yet crisply cool.

Men require a different pallet of scents than women do. Even still, there are an array of scents that both men and women can enjoy equally that aren’t specifically marketed towards that of either gender. Neutral scents of nature provide feelings of calm and stoicism that everyone can strike a match to and enjoy. TLC wants to have an array of scents that cater towards every mood and feeling within your home that not only you, but everyone, can enjoy and simmer down to. TLC hopes that with some of the candles mentioned today, you can curate a space within your home that is not only serene for you, but for the man within your life as well.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer 

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