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Using Candle Tins to Organize Those School Supplies

November 02, 2020

Using Candle Tins to Organize Those School Supplies

How is it that the kids are back in school already?! Part of helping the kids have a successful school year is getting them a proper, but fun, workspace to complete homework. If those pencils, markers, scissors and glue sticks are getting out of control at your house like they are at mine, here are a few really fun ideas of for repurposing our candle tins and staying better organized this school year.

  1. The simplest of all solutions is to use the tins as-is. Just set them out on the workspace and they can easily hold a variety of materials.
  2. If you want to go a step further, add some paint, glitter or ribbon to the tins. Let the kids decorate!
  3. Go vertical by utilizing a pegboard or attach tins to the wall for a great school supply storage option that doesn’t take up desk space.
  4. Wrap a silicon keyboard like this one around the tin for a fun, unique look.
  5. Use pencils, markers, crayons, etc. and glue them all around the tin for another unique and kid-friendly design. Colorful rubber bands wrapped around the outside can also be a nice touch.
  6. Add some energy into the space by using the tin for a small plant or flowers.
  7. Make a desk lamp! Seriously, purchase a small, inexpensive desk lamp. Simply remove the shade and replace with your candle tin.
  8. Do you have flashcards laying around everywhere? Our tins are the perfect size for collecting small index cards.
  9. Small, healthy snacks like granola bars fit perfectly in our tins and may help keep them from entering the kitchen every two minutes, asking for a snack. It’s worth a try anyway!

Any tricks for staying organized this school year? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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