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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

January 22, 2021

TLC Masculine Candle

The most romantic time of year is just around the corner and whether that fills you with excitement or dread, TLC is here to help. I don’t know about you, but the act of gift giving is hard no matter who the person or occasion is. I always seem to spend at least an hour scouring the internet attempting to come up with even a simple idea of what I should get, and when Valentine’s comes around, I am even more lost and asking Alexa ‘what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day’. Finding the perfect men’s Valentine’s gifts during a holiday marketed specifically towards, and for, women, is difficult. Maybe this is just me, but in case you have this problem as well, here are four of the best Valentine’s gifts for him.

To create thoughtful gifts for men, the simpler the better, and what is simpler than a classic box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. This gift is easy and simple and can be good gifts for a boyfriend or even as a first Valentine’s gift for a boyfriend that is not too serious. However, creating meaningful gifts for him means you still want to make this gift seem full of love. Therefore, in an effort to make a classic gift more unique, find a chocolate company or local bakery that makes fresh chocolate, and pick some up the day before Valentine’s Day; if you are from the Indianapolis area like TLC, DeBrand sells freshly made fine chocolates in an assortment of flavors. By specifically picking out the flavors and spending a little more money for the quality of the chocolate, this traditional Valentine’s Day gift becomes a special and exciting gift for you both to enjoy. Light up one of your favorite TLC candle scents and enjoy a romantic evening with your special someone and an assortment of delicious chocolates.

Another perfectly simple, yet thoughtful gift, whether it be Valentine’s Day gifts for a husband or boyfriend, is cologne. Whether you buy him his traditional scent or carefully pick out a new cologne that you think would smell nice on him, it shows that you appreciate the minor details about him. If you opted for picking out the scent yourself, the gift has a more romantic feeling and highlights the attraction within the relationship. Something as simple as picking up a bottle of cologne can be perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Maybe the typical “romantic” evening filled with love gifts is not what your relationship is all about. Instead, Valentine’s is simply a day to cherish your significant other and get them a gift to show your appreciation. In that case, I think that the perfect gift is a subscription service box. The possibilities for this gift are absolutely endless. Whether it’s stupid, personalized, weird, or useful, everyone enjoys getting a box in the mail every single month. There are monthly services for socks, games, books, food and alcohol, clothes, or even men’s selfcare items; the options are abundant and allow for a completely personalized Valentine’s gift for him. Subscription boxes are a gift that is definitely more heartfelt than romantic, but it still, without a doubt, shows how much you care and is probably one of the most fun gifts you could receive on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him don’t always have to be centered around romance, they can be dedicated towards appreciation as well.

Does one gift just not feel enough? Try making Valentine’s Day baskets for him instead. Finding one singular gift that you think someone will like is sometimes harder than simply filling and decorating a basket with a bunch of little gifts that turn into the perfect unique Valentine’s gift for him. Making a basket takes a lot of pressure off of the daunting holiday that is Valentine’s Day by turning your gift into something carefree and casual, yet still put together and thoughtful. Fill the basket with all of their favorite candy, new accessories such a new pair of sunglasses or rings, maybe buy some new joggers, add in gift cards to their favorite places, and possibly some card games that you two could play together on Valentine’s night. To top it off, you could throw in a TLC candle from the collection of masculine scents that are perfect gifts for the guy in your life, and trust me, your man will love these candles upon the first light. The customizability and casual nature of this gift makes it a perfect option for those of us that stress about gift giving. Overall, Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him are definitely the way to go for ease and functionality.

Whether Valentine’s Day is all about the romance or simply reigniting the love that is within your relationship, the only thing that matters is that your gift is heartfelt. Great gifts for guys do not have to be something you dwell upon and over think. Within all of the commercialization of this holiday, it’s hard to come up with ideas that are original and will actually mean something to the individual in which you are giving it to. That is why all of the gifts that we mentioned today were customizable. By having a direct hand in choosing the aspects of the gift, you are able to display your love for your partner by highlighting either the aspects of them that you cherish the most, or all of the little things about them. TLC and I hope that this article will inspire a men’s Valentine’s gift idea during a moment of “me time” and will hopefully make buying Valentine’s gifts for him a little less stressful this year.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer

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