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melinda gragnani
Excellent candle

Complex fragrance that fills the room. Highly recommend!!

Vintage Flannel - Amber and Spice Flannel Soy Candle

TLC Candle Co.

$21.00 USD $42.00 USD

Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Pear, Rose & Lilly of the Valley

For decades, flannel has been a popular choice for lumberjacks, hipsters, and even celebrities. Comfortable, versatile, and fashionable—this flannel-scented candle just makes you feel good. Whether your days are spent chopping wood, attending a rock concert, or curling up by the fire, you’re always in style. Order TLC’s flannel-scented candle today; it’s perfect for any occasion!

Please note: All 11 oz. soy candle within masculine scents come packaged within a black vessel displaying our logo and black decorated reusable tin.


Size: 11oz. 
Burn time: 
Ingredients: Pure soy and all natural essential based fragrance, lead free wicks

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