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Charles Calwile
White Tea

Had a problem with my oder the fragrance of 1 of 2 was different both should had been the same. So I emailed them and they gave me an option of a refund or replacement,so I took replacement an it was correct so thank to TLC CANDLE Customer Service .

Refill Oil - White Tea

TLC Candle Co.

$16.00 USD $32.00 USD

Notes: White Tea, Chrysanthemum & Bergamot

Shhh. In the era of early Chinese imperial dynasties, white tea gardens were often developed in covert locations because the plants were so rare and cherished. Even today, white teas are known for being handpicked and hand processed. Go ahead and indulge in this delicacy, which goes back centuries, with our soy-based white tea candles. It’ll be our little secret.

Product Details: Refill oil fragrance to go with the TLC Reed Diffuser. 

Free of dyes, propellants and other synthetic ingredients. Diffuser refill liquid fragrances last up to 4 months.

Key Ingredients in TLC's oil formula:

    • Essential Oil Based Fragrances
    • Natural hand cut wood reeds
    • The diffuser refill oil is free of dyes, propellants, and other synthetic ingredients.

Size: 9 oz. 

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