Five Benefits of Double Wick Candles

September 01, 2020

Five Benefits of Double Wick Candles

Every time you take a match and decide to light up a candle, you are expecting to be met with pristine quality that fills your home with the most delicious of aromas. TLC is committed to providing you with the most exceptional moments of quality me-time; one way TLC ensures to produce that most exemplary quality focused candles, is by providing you with the option of double wick candles. By curating a portion of our candles with double wicks, we are ensuring the quality of our product by reaping the benefits highlighted within this article

One of the primary reasons for utilizing double wicks, is that it allows for you to enjoy bigger and better candles. A single wick can only reasonably burn a specific capacity of wax before it surpasses the wick’s threshold. Normally, single-wick candles can only be around three and half inches, limiting you to the size of candles you could buy to receive a quality burn. However, if you want to decorate your times of self-indulgence with beautiful and large candles, double wicks (or even more!) allow for your candle to burn to its full capacity. There is nothing more irritating than after the first burn of your new elegant candle, a wax pattern is created that doesn’t reach all the way to the edges of your candle’s canister! This can be remedied by buying larger volume candles that house multiple wicks. This careful creation will allow for the volume of wax to be evenly divided amongst the wicks and allow for the wick to not become overwhelmed by amount of wax within the canister. Ultimately, this allows for the heat created by the burning wax to spread to all edges of the canister and create and even and beautiful burn from the first time you strike a match to it.

Aside from the aesthetic benefit of using double wicks within candles, there are a few practical reasons as well. As previously mentioned, different wicks have different thresholds for the diameter in which they can reach, and how much wax they will be able to burn. Utilizing double wicks will prevent soot development, mushrooming of the wick, and the diminishing of the candle scent. When a single wick is picked over a double wick within a large diameter candle canister, it may be compensated by using a single larger wick. Even still, the amount of wax will usually overpower the flame produced by the wick and create a carbon ball at the top of your wick. This carbon ball ultimately causes increasing burn temperatures that lead to soot and smoke, wick mushrooming (when your wick starts to make a little ball at the tip or begin to curl over itself), and decreases the ability to spread the candle scent. Without even wick to wax distribution, the quality of your burn time notably decreases. Overall, by simply picking single wick over double wick, the performance of your candle significantly decreases.

At TLC, we are committed to providing you elegance mixed with functionality; this is why we provide an array of options concerning wicks, canisters, and scents. We are dedicated to curating a product that masterfully adds to every period of quiet you can salvage. So next time you’re on the market for a candle, make sure you buy the one that makes your periods of serenity just the smallest bit more relaxing.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer