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Five Tips on Storing your Luxury Candles

December 04, 2020

Storing Candles

Candles are an investment, and they should be treated like such. Therefore, it’s important to know the proper ways of storing your luxury candles when they may not be in use. Whether they be pillar candles, taper candles, jar candles, tumbler candles, or any other assortment of candles, precautions must be taken to ensure their longevity. Whether you are moving, changing out your candles for the season, or simply have gathered a possibly unnecessary collection and now need to be conscientious about how you store your candles, there are certain tips you can follow to ensure you are getting the longest life out of your candle so your precious moments of “me time” can last for years.

First and foremost, safety most always be a top priority to thoroughly enjoy a candle. When storing your beautifully curated wax creation, the area you are storing it in should be safely away from any type of possibly flammable item, and away from any nosy toddler fingers or fury tails; anything can look like food or a toy when placed in easily accessible areas. When storing candles, make sure that your children either know not to touch your candles or remember to store your luxury candles in places well-hidden or not easily accessible by the nosy ones in your household.

Despite safety, another tip to keep in mind when storing your candles is to not place them in an area that gets direct sunlight. As you may have already guessed, rays being cast through windows can easily heat up a room and increase temperatures, ultimately doing the same to your candles and lighting candles at unwanted times. You never want to miss a moment to smell your
favorite candles, so it's a good idea to avoid direct sunlight that can unintentionally start melting away at your candle wax and spread your favorite scent in times other than your designated moments of “me time”. Along with this, the rays of the sun are extremely harsh and can easily bleach through colored containers or colored wax of your luxury candles. To make sure your
candles remain as beautiful as they did the day you bought them, keep them away from the vibrant rays of direct sunlight.

Now that we have established the places that you probably shouldn’t store your candles, here's a tip about the best environment for storing your luxury candles. The key to a pristine and elegant lasting candle is cool and dry areas. Temperatures are extremely important to the longevity of your candles. Areas that remain at room temperature or below and do not have humidity allow for the hardened wax to stay intact and not be affected by the surrounding  environment. Fluctuating temperatures, whether they be hot or cold, can both have a negative effect on your candle as wax melts in heat and can harden and crack in cold temperatures. Places such as a basement storage room are the perfect environment for ensuring the longevity of your luxury scented candles. By keeping your candles in your basement storage room where they are out of the way in a place you will not likely see, you can remain confident in the fact that your candles will remain cool and as perfect as they were the last time you lit them.

Now that the perfect place has been established, the pertinent question is whether or not you should be putting your candles in containers, or better yet, which ones? Certain containers can help to keep the temperature of your candles consistent as well as maintain the scent of your luxury item as well. Metal containers and tin cans are perfect for this job, and lucky for you,
TLC packages all of their candles in beautifully made tin cans that are perfect for easy and convenient storage. Tin cans help to ensure that the scent of your luxury candle does not unnecessarily evaporate into the air. Along with this, your elegant candles will be out of harm's way from dust and other items that could collect during long storing periods. If you do not have a tin can to place your candle inside, cardboard boxes, an egg carton for taper candles and pillar
candles, or any other box you would otherwise throw away, is a great place to store candles. It is also a good idea to use tissue paper and individually wrap each of your scented candles if they do not come in their own containers (such as taper candles or pillar candles); the tissue paper will prevent the wax of your candles from sticking together over time. Overall, candles such as tumbler candles or jar candles like TLC's, are much easier to store as extra precautions do not have to be taken, but even still, there are always options.

Last tip, when storing candles, always make sure to set them up right in the odd scenario that after following all of the tips that we have given you here, they happen to melt. If you set up your candles upright, they melt downwards in the proper direction and you will most likely still be able to salvage what is left. On the other hand, if you place your candle into a tin and if it comes in a glass container already, placing the candle and tins upright will one hundred percent
ensure that when you come down in a few months to pull out one of your favorite candles for a little “me time”, you won’t have to skip a beat and will immediately be able to strike a match and light your opulent luxury candle.

A candle is more than a simple piece of home decoration or a last-minute gift idea, it is a luxury item that can elevate dark and dreary corners of your home into beautiful and welcoming sitting areas; they are mementos that have scents that bring with them a flood of memories with every light. Candles can be the essential item to keeping sanity during these crazy times by allowing you to enjoy a little bit of “me time” at every evening. Candles are a luxury item that
need to be treated with care when you store them. By following the tips mentioned in this TLC Talk, you will hopefully be able to extend the life of your luxury candles and use them for many more moments of “me time” to come.


-Kenzington BaxterGuest Writer

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