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Vanilla For Uplifting Your Mood

February 12, 2021

Vanilla For Uplifting Your Mood

We all have those days where the clouds are gloomy and the air is cold and our mood is perfect to match. Nothing had to set us off or make us upset, the day is simply a little duller than all the rest – and that’s okay. We all have days that are a little darker than the others, but to make sure those dark days only stay as days, finding ways to bring light into your life is a necessity. Finding something that brings you serenity and little fleeting pockets of peace, are essential to making it through those certain days that seem never ending. TLC knows that the smallest of moments have the greatest impact; this is why, TLC has curated every single one of their handmade soy candles with moments of “me time” as a forefront in their mind. Some days, striking a match and watching the wick on your candle burn away until the essence of peace flows through the room, is the only thing that brings us back to reality. One of TLC’s favorite scents for calming down after a long day and uplifting their mood is Vanilla, which is why Vintage Flannel is one of TLC’s favorite scents and bestsellers.

The aromatherapy benefits of the vanilla scent spread over a vast array of areas including that of both the body and mind; known to be both a calming and euphoric scent, vanilla is said to help with inflammation, menstrual pain, infections, depression, and anxiety. No matter the day that you have just endured, striking a match to a vanilla scented candle is undeniably going to relax your body and minimize any pain, whether it be physically or mentally, that you are dealing with to immediately uplift your mood and bring you back to a more neutral state of mind and being. When those bad days come around again, and you need a moment to lift your spirits, consider lighting TLC’s Vintage Flannel that’s filled with scents of amber, vanilla, pear, rose, and lilly of the valley. This candle exudes that warm sense of comfort that comes along with the dense aroma of vanilla, while bringing an air of lightness to the scent with notes of sweetness through that of its hints of rose and pear. Playing upon the idea of your favorite cozy and worn flannel jacket that you throw over to keep protected from the elements, Vintage Flannel’s aromas give a sense of security and understanding that cannot be replicated - perfect for a gloomy day when you need a sense of comfort that can uplift your mood.

TLC hopes that the next time you’re searching for a way to create a little pocket of serenity amongst your hectic day, you think of buying yourself your own Vintage Flannel candle to create your own moments of “me time”. Light up the darkest days with an exquisite scent that will stable your body and your mind, and uplift your mood to get you restarted. We all need something that will bring us out of our darkest days, and for you, it may be the beautiful scent of a handcrafted soy candle. The next time the sky turns a little gloomy and your mood follows suit, consider striking a match and filling your senses with the uplifting aromas of elegant vanilla within TLC’s Vintage Flannel.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer

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