Why Natural Candles are Worth the Money

September 30, 2020

Why Natural Candles are Worth the Money

Lighting a match and waiting for the first moment that the scent of the candle can be felt around the entirety of your home is the best part of burning a candle. In curating the perfect first candle light, the quality of candle is essential to the experience that will be produced. When deciding upon which candles you will adorn your home with, you will come across the widely marketed paraffin-based candles, and the slightly more expensive naturally-based candle as a result of the added work that must be put in to acquire the wax from these natural resources. Within these two, it is clear that natural candles are without a doubt worth the extra money for the copious added benefits that they provide during every burn.

When you pay for a naturally made candle, you are unmistakably paying for the security in quality of your product. With every extra cent you spend on naturally made candles, you are being given the opportunity for the chance of lighting the candle for one more moment of tranquility. Natural ingredients, as a result of not being predominantly created by chemicals, burn at a much lower temperature. The lower the temperature in which a candle burns, the slower the burn will ultimately be. Meaning, that when you pay the extra money to buy a natural ingredient candle, you are paying for a candle that will allow for you to enjoy the delicious aroma for even longer.

Besides the added benefit of having a candle that will burn for you longer, paying extra money for natural candles provides you with comfort in what you are buying. Obviously, buying a candle made from beeswax, soy, or any other vegetable oil, will not include harmful chemicals or carcinogenics that unnatural candles often contain and spread throughout your home while you burn them. Paying the extra money for a candle that you know where the ingredients are coming from, gives you the comfort of mind that you are filling your home with healthy and naturally beautiful smelling aromas. Aside from your health, burning candles that refrain from spreading harmful chemicals into the air also keep the health of the environment in mind. When you burn a candle that is not naturally made, you could unintentionally be spreading extra chemicals into the air. However, when you purchase a naturally curated candle, everything being burned is healthy for the earth as well as completely biodegradable. The next time you purchase a candle to enjoy during your moment of “me time,” be conscientious of how the ingredients within your candle could affect not only the health of your own body, but of the environment around you as well.

Taking time to purchase a candle that will curate the perfect atmosphere of tranquility within your home is an important decision to make. Although a natural candle may be more expensive, you are unknowingly reaping an array of benefits every time you choose to light a candle similar to that of TLC’s and choose natural over chemical.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer