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A Man’s Candle: Scents He Will Love

January 29, 2021

TLC masculine candles

With every strike of a match and spark of a flame as the wick of a newly lit candle is ignited, the entirety of a room is engrossed with the mood of the candle’s invoking scent – women know the power of candles; we know that with every light of a candle peace, serenity, attentiveness, slumber, romance, and a multitude of other emotions flood our senses. A candle is not as simple as a decorative piece that exclusively smells good, it affects both the body and mind. Our senses are delicate and intricate features of our body that make associations between memories and the stimulus within those memories. Ultimately meaning, that the light of your favorite candle could calm you on your most overwhelming days, help you wind down at the end of the night, help you cast aside you worries in time for a girls’ wine night, or even signal that it’s time to hunker down and focus on the tasks that need to be done. TLC knows of the versatility in which candles have concerning benefits within our lives and believes that everyone should take advantage of what a naturally and handcrafted made candle can do for you. The candle industry is marketed almost strictly towards that of women, with very few man candles on the market. However, TLC wants to take part is changing this double standard. With all of the benefits that come along with the light of every single candle, TLC knows that men could use a little TLC “me time” in their lives as well. Which is why, TLC has crafted their line of masculine scented candles for men.

Adorned in TLC’s tin canister and sleek holder, a spin upon TLC’s classic white theme is seen within the masculine line. Matte black candle holders are safely packaged within black tin canisters to add a far more elegant beauty to TLC’s classic design, perfect for any manly scented candles. Within TLC’s masculine collection, some of the best man candles are found within their three boldly grandiose scents: A Glass of Red, Cowhide, and Vintage Flannel.

A Glass of Red is filled with tones of Blackberry, Plum, Pear, Bergamot and Musk. Creating both a sweetly tart, yet earthy musk with its hints of bergamot. The sweetness of the fruits become subtle as they are perfectly balanced by the grounding and hardy musk tones. This candle is the perfect mixture of intoxicating elegance that comes along with every sip of your favorite red wine. Perfect for evenings with a significant other or even when some work needs to be done, this scent will ground a man in his work while also exciting his senses.

Cowhide is the definition of a manly scent. With essences of Musk, Tonka Bean, and Amber, TLC has expertly replicated the scent of true hearty leather. With every light of this deeply rich muscular scented candle, feelings of bravado and cigar smoking country men are sure to come to mind – simply perfect man cave candles.

Last, but certainly not least, is TLC’s Vintage Flannel, crafted with tones of Amber, Vanilla, Pear, Rose and Lilly of the Valley. With every light of this candle, the comfortable feeling that comes along every time you put on your favorite perfectly worn flannel, will exude throughout the room. Similar to that of your favorite manly cologne, this candle brings with it a sense of calmness and versatility. Light it when winding down in the evening, when doing tasks around the house, or while watching a football game. This candle is both masculine, yet subtle in its fragrances for everyday use.

Every time you light a candle you are creating an atmosphere with an extremely specific mood in mind. Women have their own needs and their own scents to curate moments of “me time”, but candles for men are often neglected and hard to find. TLC knows that men also have moments that need to be partnered by a specific mood that may not be similar to that of a woman’s taste. This is why TLC created their line of manly candles. TLC is dedicated to crafting products that help every individual find their moments of peace and mental clarity no matter their gender. Man candle scents are hard to come by, but TLC believes that they hit the nail on the head with their masculine collection and curated the best scented candles for men that every guy in your life needs to try as soon as possible. So hop over to the masculine collection and buy your favorite guy a candle that will make every one his moments a moment just for him.

-Kenzington Baxter, Guest Writer

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